The Schnalle Method: Trippy Triplets

Trippy Triplets

By Wally Schnalle Originally Published In DRUM! Magazine's October 2006 Issue

This month, we’re going to take two odd-time motifs (Ex. 1) and place them within straight-time triplets. The patterns are orchestrated between a cross-stick on the snare and a mounted tom, but you may want to practice them on a single drum at first. Once you’re comfortable, try playing these exercises against a standard jazz ride rhythm (Exs. 2—3). The two-voice melody will really help spice up a 4/4 beat. Good luck, and don’t stop here. Play these rhythms all over your kit!

DRUM! Music Editor WALLY SCHNALLE is a drummer, composer, and teacher based in the San Francisco Bay Area, and has performed with Eddie Gale, Ernie Watts, and the SAn Jose Symphony Orchestra.

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