Video Lesson: Art Cruz’s Heel-Toe Technique

By Art CruzPublished on July 21, 2010

If you’ve ever wondered how Winds Of Plague drummer Art Cruz can slam bass drum patterns so quickly and easily, this video lesson will remove the shroud of mystery forever. It’s all about applying a simple heel-toe technique that requires rocking your foot to acitvate the top and bottom of your pedal’s footboard in quick succession. Master this with both feet and you’ll be able to execute rapid-fire sixteenths and thirty-seconds just as Cruz does during this demonstration of the song “Chest And Horns” from the band’s brutal 2009 release The Great Stone War.

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  • It’s important to note that he takes advantage of the longboard on his bass drum pedal, which allows him to play heel strokes as well as toe strokes. If his bass pedal had a split board, he would only be able to play toe strokes.

  • Cool technique on a longboard pedal.  I’m just curious if other drummers from this genre forgo the hi-hat stand/pedal as well?

  • Good drummer, uninformative video. This video is by no means a “lesson”.
    And if I may add, it is possible to play heel toe on a regular split pedal. I do.