The Schnalle Method: Diddle Exercises

Wally Schnalle: Diddle Exercises

Once again my column reveals my passion for paradiddles and related stickings. I’ve described their worthiness many times so I wont go into it here. But these are some patterns I’ve been having a lot of fun with lately and I find them useful as well. They involve paradiddle-diddles (Ex. 1) and the multi-accent double paradiddles (Ex. 2). If these patterns are new to you it’s worth practicing these on a pad so you really own them. Then you can take them to the kit, as I did with these exercises.

In all these patterns the accents are orchestrated on cymbal and bass and the remaining notes are played on the snare. Ex. 3 involves three paradiddle-diddles and one multi-accent double paradiddles. Ex. 4 flips that using three multi-accent double paradiddles and one paradiddle-diddle. And Ex. 5 alternates between these two six-note patterns.

wally schnalle
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