Wally Schnalle: Short-Roll Rudiments

This month, we’ll spice up grooves with short-roll rudiments. In order for these rolls to be an effective part of a groove, the doubles need to be played cleanly. Ex. 1 incorporates the shortest of rudiments that uses a double stroke — the drag. You’ll find it on the & of beat 3. Ex. 2 presents a 5-stroke roll starting on the & of 4. Ex. 3 uses a 6-stroke roll starting on the 1. Ex. 4 incorporates a 7-stroke roll starting on the e of 1. And Ex. 5 starts with a 9-stroke roll on beat 1. Be sure to play the ghost notes on the snare quietly. This will help to ensure that the hi-hat doubles and snare doubles are presented at the same dynamic level to keep the rhythmic momentum.

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Wally Schnalle

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