Wally Schnalle: What Do I Do With That?

Wally Schnalle: What Do I Do With That?

I was recently giving a lesson where I was going over paradiddles, which I consider to be one of the basic building blocks of drumming. I was in mid-sentence when the young man blurted out, “But what do I do with that?”

It seemed like a valid question, so I proceeded to show him a few ways of voicing the double paradiddle sticking around the kit. His eyes grew wider. He got the concept.

Here are some double paradiddle examples I showed him. Be creative and come up with your own as well. That's one of the great things about drum set. You can revoice something you already know in a new way and – voila – you have a new groove.

Remember, the goal is not to always play some rudiment literally but rather to use the skills and patterns you learn to create your own drumming voice.

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