Billy Martin: Trippin’ On Wu-Tang Beats

Wu-Tang Beats

By Billy Martin Published In DRUM! Magazine's September 2010 Issue

If you are a Wu-Tang Clan fan, you already know how they rule their own game by putting a creative slant on everything they do. I bow down to the rhythmic and comic genius they exude. RZA, beyond his rapping philosophy, is a great producer of music and beats. I’m not sure how many other people are involved with creating those fantastic cinematic break-beats, but my compliments to the chefs! A lot of the Wu-Tang grooves seems to almost trip over themselves adding another dimension to that already funky stuff.

Here are examples from one of my Wu-inspired joints from a break-beat LP and CD release, illy B Eats Vol.3 (, titled “Cooper Street Gang,” where my producer/engineer, Scotty Hard, who also worked with Wu-Tang, turned my live beats into looped hooks. Remember, the notation here cannot do justice to the nuance and swagger that you (the drummer) must find within yourself, à la the Wu masters.

To hear an audio stream of this beat, click here

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