Terence Higgins: Zydeco/Second-Line Feel

Zydeco/Second-Line Feel

Here is a bit of spicy food for thought. I have often talked about the different street rhythms of New Orleans – from the Mardi Gras Indian tradition to the swing of the second-line drumming of the brass band tradition, Louisiana has many different pockets of regional cultural traditions that encompass indigenous forms of music and rhythms. One that comes to mind is zydeco music. Zydeco is a form of Creole folk music that derived from southwest Louisiana and combines Cajun, blues, and R&B. In this lesson I have orchestrated a few variations of the Zydeco groove and in the last example I added a little second-line slant on it. I think it works pretty well, which just goes to show you how closely the rhythmic DNA of different cultures is intertwined.

terrence higgins
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