Matt Cameron: King Animal Grooves

matt cameron

Photo: Ross Halfin

Soundgarden fans will be very happy that the band is back together, has a new record, and that drummer Matt Cameron is doing what he does best: creating interesting drum parts for tricky songs.

“Black Saturday”

The drums come in with a funky groove for the 4/4 chorus of this song. The verse at 1:12 is something else entirely, cycling meters from 7/8 to 6/8 and then 4/4. As always, Cameron creates parts that make all these changing meters groove and never feel odd.

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matt cameron

“By Crooked Steps”

The drums enter this song (which Cameron wrote) with a simple yet slamming groove in 5/4. It’s not hard as odd-time grooves go, so it might be a good one to learn if you’ve been afraid to swim in the deep end of the pool.

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“Worse Dreams”

Transcribing this challenging song was a bit of a nightmare with its virtual obstacle course of changing time signatures. The 15/8 verse drum groove is based on a hemiola (3:2 polyrhythm). It has a steady rim-click pulse on the eighth-notes with a dotted quarter-note bass drum pattern underneath; the sixteenths Cameron plays on the hi-hat serve to glue everything together. From here it gets trickier, with shifting bars of 3/4, 4/4, and 21/16 before returning to the comparatively simpler 15/8 groove. If you space the sixteenth-notes evenly while attempting this, you should emerge unscathed.

matt cameron

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