Tiger Bill’s Speed Lesson #64: Pro Chops: A Buddy Rich Fav — Part 1

This month, I feature a triplet pattern that Buddy liked to play. I showed this to the late Louie Bellson when we used to work out together and he loved it. Check it out and let me know what you think of it. If practiced properly, it will give you one heck of a workout!

Video Lesson

Study the written exercise below and then watch the video clip. As always, practice slowly at first and gradually increase your speed. Only play as fast as you can play without developing tension in your arms, wrists, and fingers.

Switch it Up!

Practice this exercise with reversed sticking too, so that both hands receive an equal workout. Next time we’ll take Buddy’s favorite pattern around the drumset.

Click here to play video.

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Until next time: Have fun and stay loose!

Tiger Bill Meligari