NAMM: Gear

TRX Cymbals @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Big news at the TRX 2013 Winter NAMM booth – two new series of vented crashes and the launch of CRX, an entirely new brand of cymbals made in China.

NAMM: Gear

Offworld Percussion @ 2013 Winter NAMM

We had our first encounter with the folks at Offworld Percussion during the 2013 Winter NAMM Show, and checked out their new cajon-like bongo thingy.

NAMM: Gear

Yamaha Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

While wandering through Yamaha’s 2013 Winter NAMM booth, we ran across the Live Custom Series – the company’s entirely new line of oak shell drums.

NAMM: Gear

Kickport @ 2013 Winter NAMM

The folks at Kickport continue to explore the concept of “obese” drum sounds with the introduction of the FX Series, designed for snares and toms.

NAMM: Gear

Amedia Cymbals @ 2013 Winter NAMM

We take a stroll through the new cymbal models at Amedia’s 2013 Winter NAMM booth, and run across some interesting new line extensions.

NAMM: Gear

Innovative Percussion @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Innovative Percussion is best known for its orchestral and drum corps sticks and mallets, but expanded its line of sticks for drum set at 2013 NAMM.

NAMM: Gear

Tama Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

While researching and developing the Star Series, it seems as if Tama’s mission was to create the most freely vibrating drum suspension system ever.

NAMM: Features

Stanton Moore Jams @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Here’s another clip of an impromptu drumming performance from the 2013 Winter NAMM. This time we see Stanton More being ... what else? ... very funky!

NAMM: Gear

Dream Cymbals @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Dream has pursued the possibilities of its cymbal-recycling program in recent years, and we saw some of the results of this repurposed bronze at NAMM.

NAMM: Gear

Vic Firth Sticks @ 2013 Winter NAMM

We found a combination of new models and historic lines at the Vic Firth 2013 Winter NAMM booth, where the company celebrated its 50th anniversary.