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Exodus Cymbals @ 2013 Winter NAMM

We found yet another NAMM newcomer at the 2013 Winter show when we discovered Exodus Cymbals, a new brand offering multiple models made of B25 bronze.

NAMM: Gear

Highlights From 2013 Winter NAMM

Would you like to tour nearly every drum and percussion booth at the 2013 Winter NAMM Show in five minutes and fourteen seconds? Well, now you can!

NAMM: Gear

Truth Custom Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Join us on a tour of the Truth Custom Drums booth at 32013 Winter NAMM for some cool drum designs that straddle the chasm between retro and radical.

NAMM: Gear

So Cal Custom Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

so cal custom drums

We got our first chance to meet the craftsmen behind So Cal Custom Drums earlier this year at the company’s Winter NAMM debut, and liked what we saw.

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Alex Acuña Jams At 2013 Sabian Live

alex acuna

We just happened to have a couple video cameras rolling when Acuña took the stage with his band the Unknowns at 2013 Sabian Live.

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Rotek Drum Tuners @ 2013 Winter NAMM


Every year Rotek has unveiled an even more refined version of their tuning mechanism at the NAMM Show. This year looks and feels like they've arrived.

NAMM: Gear

Premier Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Premier Drums

The classic UK brand Premier went from being all but dormant a few years ago to one of the most prolific drum makers at the 2013 Winter NAMM Show.

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Ray Luzier Shreds At 2013 Sabian Live

Here’s another clip of Ray Luzier from the 2013 Winter NAMM Show, this time jamming with Billy Sheehan and George Lynch at Sabian’s after-show party.

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AJP Custom Drums @ 2013 Winter NAMM

Despite the fact that AJP Custom Drums was a NAMM newcomer, the company turned some heads with its beautiful instruments and impeccable handiwork.

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Chris “Daddy” Dave Jams @ 2013 Winter NAMM

If you’ve ever wondered who Chris “Daddy” Dave is, we've got an answer. This video. Check out this phenomenon jamming with his band the Drumhedz.