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[VIDEO] UFIP Cymbals Booth Tour NAMM 2011

We were glad to welcome back to the NAMM Show the revered Italian cymbalsmith UFIP after they had been largely absent from the U.S. market for many years.

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[VIDEO] Zildjian Gen 16 E-Cymbals NAMM 2011

The NAMM had only been open for a matter of hours before people started telling me that I absolutely, positively, unquestionably had to see a demo of Zildjian’s Gen 16 system. So I made it my first stop this morning.

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[VIDEO] Stagg and Dream Cymbals NAMM 2011

As we wandered around the massive drum and percussion room at NAMM 2011, we ran across the Stagg booth, which had grown in size and moved from its previously distant location a couple rooms away. It might be surprising to learn the importance of such symbolic gestures at NAMM.