Chad Smith Honored In Hometown

Chad Smith Exhibit

The Birmingham, Michigan Historical Museum and Park spiced up its collection recently with a new music exhibit that features native son Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Sounds of Birmingham exhibit kicked off with an event March 6 that featured local DJs recalling some of the bands with connections to Birmingham, such as Bob Seger, SRC, and The Romantics. Creem Magazine, the legendary '70s rock journal that featured critic Lester Bangs, was also located in Birmingham for a while. [Ed. note: The Creem staff is credited with coining the terms "punk rock" and "heavy metal" in a 1971 issue.] Chad Smith and his family donated items from his career including drums, gold records and other Grammy mementos.

Chad Smith Exhibit

KISS Owes Late Drummer Eric Carr's Heirs


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Late drummer Eric Carr's heirs are claiming that the former KISS member has unpaid royalties. Carr's family members say KISS owe them five to 50 percent of the profits made on songs like "Breaking Out," "Little Caesar," "Carr Jam 1981," and "Carr Jam 1991."

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the heirs state they believed they should only be collecting royalties from the American Society of Composers, but have discovered they should also be receiving payments from the group, two publishing companies and Gene Simmons Worldwide Inc.

"They thought they were getting it all from one source," Attorney Robert Garson said.

Hit Like A Girl Voting Opens With Entrants From 43 Countries Eligible.

Fans Worldwide Can Vote Now


Hit Like A Girl*: The Contest for female drummers is entering the final stages. From now until March 22, fans worldwide can vote for their favorite drummers by registering at Currently, ten drummers in each category—18+ and Under 18—have been voted into the finals by celebrity judges. Now, the fans can get their favorites to the finals by voting in the next two weeks. Drummers already selected for the finals are not eligible for fan votes. At the end of the voting period, six more drummers will be selected for the finals. Then the celebrity drummer judges will make their ultimate decisions.

Under 18

Finalists in the Under 18 category include drummers from Australia, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Japn, The Philippines, The United Kingdom, and the United States.

18+ Category

Over 18 finalists have already been selected from the US, Israel, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, and Indonesia.

Celebrity Judges

The judges include Sheila E, Cindy Blackman, Hannah Ford, Cherisse Osei, Jess Bowen, Allison Miller, Emmanuele Caplette, Didi Negron, Dawn Richardson, Meytal Cohen, Emily Dolan-Davies, Lux, Samantha Maloney, Nia Lovelis, Jen Ledger, and previous winners Alexey Poblete and Valeria Sepulveda.

The Contest

Hit Like A Girl is the global contest for female drummers featuring prizes totaling more than $20,000. Girls and women drummers can enter in one of two age categories between now and March 1. Each week finalists are chosen by celebrity judges and industry personnel. Following the entry period there are three weeks of fan voting to help determine wildcard finalists. The finalists are announced March 24, 2014 and then the celebrity judges review all the videos again. Winners are announced April 4, 2014 in a live Drumchannel event.

Winners Receive Drum Sets

The top three finalists are guaranteed to win acoustic or electronic drum sets from Pacific Drums & Percussion or Yamaha DTX Drums. Runners-up 3 through 10 will receive additional prizes that may include drums, hardware, cases, sticks, and heads. All entrants will win something, though including gift certificates, digital subscriptions, web site memberships, or free instructional downloads. For a complete list of prizes and sponsors visit the site.

*Hit Like A Girl is a trademark of the Percussion Marketing Council.

Lamb Of God Want To Be First Band In Space

lamb of god

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler wants his band to be the first band to play in space. He is hoping to persuade Virgin mogul Richard Branson to let them fly on his Virgin Galactic spaceship when commercial flights begin.

Adler says he came up with his space plan after Metallica beat him to his ambition to play in Antarctica. "I think if we approached Richard Branson in the right way, we could help them prove how safe it is," he explains. "Take a heavy metal band to space and we're all going to get back just fine."

As for how he'll manage to play drums in zero gravity, he says: "I'll worry about that when I get there."

Kill Devil Hill Welcome New Drummer

kill devil hill

Kill Devil Hill announced Type O Negative's Johnny Kelly as the band's new drummer. Kelly, who also plays with Danzig and his own band A Pale Horse Named Death, replaces the recently departed Vinny Appice.

"I'm really excited about coming on board with Kill Devil Hill," Kelly says. "I've been a fan since their debut and have known the guys for a long-time. It's also clear that I have some really big shoes to fill. I'm ready for that challenge as I prepare for KDH’s next chapter - this is gonna be a blast!"

Kill Devil Hill bassist Rex Brown adds, "We all have a lot of love and respect for Vinny and have been honored to have jammed with him over the last few years — we wish Vinny well with all his future endeavors, it has been a blast!"

"It's been a great musical adventure from the beginning, but the time has now come to go our separate ways and continue to make music that we love," says Appice of his decision to leave the band.