Drummer Kliph Scurlock Leaves Flaming Lips

the flaming lips

The Flaming Lips' drummer Kliph Scurlock is no longer a member of the band, according to Lips' representatives. Rumors were circulating when fans noticed Scurlock wasn't playing with the band at the Buku Music Project last month.

Matt Duckworth, drummer for Lips collaborators Stardeath and White Dwarves, filled in for Scurlock during the Buku show. He also took up the drums in the Flaming Lips’ April Fools Day videos, which the band created with comedy website Funny or Die. There is no word yet on whether or not he will be joining the Lips in a more permanent fashion.

The Art Of Drumming: Timelapse Glowing Sticks

"Rhythm is the root of everything," says drummer Ben Mead. "I'm always looking for new ways to explore it. I've always wanted to see what rhythm might look like – to see the shape of sound."

Recently, Mead joined forces with an ad agency to display drumming in a way it's never been seen before. They used timelapse photography to capture Mead's stick movement while playing, and a Matrix-style camera rig to view him from any angle.

Check out the incredible video below:

Rhythm Quiz #2 And Last Month's Winners

Last month, author and educator Libor Hadrava gave DRUM! readers the opportunity to put their musical abilities to the test with a unique Rhythm Quiz. Three winners were chosen from the group of people who answered correctly. Those winners are:

rhythm quiz

This month, Libor has a new quiz with two problems to be solved.
1. How many full dotted quintuplet 16th notes can fit into a single measure of 23/16?
2. What single note can fill up the rest of the measure?
rhythm quiz

To submit your answer, fill out the entry form here. Only one entry per email address will be accepted.

Mapex Revamps Website


The Mapex website has been completely overhauled, and after months of planning and hard work, brand fans can now use the clean and updated version with plenty of ease.

"It's taken us a few years to plan and develop the new Mapex website and we're very proud of the results." states Director of Marketing, Mike Robinson. "We worked hard to create a user interface that would provide a really positive user experience for our customers, no matter what device they're on."

You can check out the revamped website, here.

Metallica Pushing Back Next Album Release


Lars Ulrich says Metallica's long-awaited tenth album won't be released for at least another year.

He'd already suggested the follow-up to 2008's Death Magnetic wouldn't be released until 2015, although he'd also said work would begin in the coming weeks.

"We've got some good ideas," he said. "Our biggest problem is not the ideas, our biggest problem is time. Metallica is busier than ever – it just seems like there's more and more going on and the days get shorter and shorter. But hopefully we will be done writing this year. Next year we should record and hopefully have a new record out maybe next year."