Hit Like A Girl 2015 Week 3 Winners Chosen From Germany, Poland, UK

The votes from the judges at Zildjian, and our Week 3 pro judge Debbie Knox-Hewson are in and the winners are an international group of Europeans and North Americans including:


Aaliyah Jay, (upper right) a multi-instrumentalist whose funky drumming style is sure to win fans. Also in the Over 18 category is Lindsay Artkop,(upper left) a Berklee student from Connecticut who shows her chops in a wide-ranging three minute assault


German entrant Antonia (lower left) and Polish 16-year old Natalia (lower right) are this week's winners. Antonia says she dreamed of a drum kit but couldn't afford one until Mom inherited money. Well, the inheritance is paying off. Natalia shows a lot of pop style in her demo video and says her dream is to get to study in the US. Good dream.

Remember: All entrants have a shot at being a weekly winner each week, no matter which week they enter the contest.


This week's winners receive an 8" Custom A Splash, compliments of Zildjian, plus Evans snare head, Zildjian sticks, and Cympad foam pads. Prizes are sent at the conclusion of the contest.

We'd also like to thank sponsors for special prizes we'll be giving away in April to worthy entrants chosen by the judges including a week at the Musicians Institute Summer Shot (above) in Hollywood, Audix microphones, a Yamaha Drum throne and pedal, and tickets to see Hit Like A Girl spokesperson Didi Negron play with Amaluna. See all our sponsors here.

About Hit Like A Girl

Hit Like A Girl is a global online contests to highlight and promote girl and women drummers. Now in its fourth year, the 2015 contest is made possible by the contributions of key industry sponsors, and a global network of female drumming ambassadors. As the quantity, quality and influence of the female drumming community has grown in the drumset, world percussion, marching, concert and industry segments in the past few years, the Hit Like A Girl contest as well as other public awareness activities have been developed to celebrate, facilitate and accelerate this trend.


The 2015 Hit Like A Girl Contest is open for entries until April 8, 2015. After that date is a fan voting period to choose additional finalists. Celebrity drummer judges will then choose the top winners in each age group. Winners will receive complete drum sets and other prizes. They will be announced in a live Drumchannel event on May 7, 2015.

For information visit www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Contact: David Levine, 818-753-1310 for more information.