Alex Van Halen Versus ... Al Roker?

Alex Van Halen Versus ... Al Roker?

Alex Van Halen

Call it the battle of the Als.

Yesterday Alex Van Halen and his wife, Stine Schyberg, got seated on the same aisle of an American airlines flight from L.A. to New York with the Today Show weatherman Al Roker.

But there was a problem – Roker had been assigned the seat directly between the rock star drummer and his wife.

Naturally, Alex Van Halen wanted to sit next to his wife so, before taking off, he inquired whether Roker would be willing to swap seats with one of them. Witnesses report that Roker gave Van Halen the cold shoulder while appearing transfixed by his cell phone.

Van Halen then stepped it up by complaining about the seating arrangement to an American Airlines agent, who asked Roker if he would move to the aisle seat. But Roker explained that he was allergic to dogs and didn’t want to sit closer to a small dog in crate whose owner was seated in the row behind Roker (and across the aisle from Alex’s brother Eddie and his wife Janie Liszewski, who were sitting directly behind the battling Als).

The situation finally simmered down when Van Halen and Schyberg swapped seats with a couple seated in business class.

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