Beating Cancer One World Record At A Time

Beating Cancer One World Record At A Time


Last weekend Steve Gaul broke the world record for marathon drumming, performing for 121 hours straight, an hour longer than the previous record. He began on Friday, August 5th at 8am and ended on Wednesday, August 10th at 9am, drumming continuously with breaks no longer than 30 seconds between songs.

Why exactly did he do this? "To beat cancer," he said. "To help people beat cancer. To inspire people to get off their asses. One sure way to beat cancer - eat healthy and exercise. It may prevent getting cancer, and if you do, you will have the strength to fight. Stay strong, be positive and fight like hell!"

His goal was to raise $500,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. He is a cancer survivor himself and his sister is currently undergoing treatment for Paranasal Cancer.

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