Beauford Among Select Drummers To Test New Zildjian Z3s

By Andy Doerschuk Publishing on December 16, 2010

Even as you read this, two top drummers are road testing Zildjian’s new Z3 Ultra Hammered China cymbals to see if they’re up to snuff. The legendary Carter Beauford of Dave Matthews Band and Matt Nicholls of Bring Me The Horizon have been busily previewing the new pies – defined by their explosive and penatrating sound – and found them to be ... rather good. Ahh heck, they were actually considerably more enthusiastic than that. Beauford said, “I love how these Chinas project a rich and dark sound with either a light touch, or when I’m really laying into them.” And Nicholls added, “This cymbal will definitely become a permanent part of my set up.” So is the verdict in? Hardly. You still need to lay your own stick into these bronze bombshells to see if they fill a hole in your sonic spectrum. But you’ll have to wait – the new Z3s won’t hit your local drum shop until after their debut at the January 2011 Winter NAMM Show.