Benny Greb/Gavin Harrison Headline Sonor Days

(Left) Benny Greb redefines the concept of multitasking

It’s still not too late to log onto to bid on a cut-rate ticket to Bad Berleburg-Aue, Germany in time to attend the Sonor Days drumming festival, which will light up the company’s headquarters on May 29–30. Those who make it can expect a full roster of top-flight drummers and teachers covering just anout everything that can be hit with a stick. Locked in are the amazing singing technician Benny Greb, prog king Gavin Harrison, and Nelly Furtado’s Dave Langguth covering drum set instruction. Plus Jørg Lesch and Robert Brenner will be on hand to dispense valuable marching technique tips, and Worfgang Schmitz and the Carl Orrf Ensemble will jam on the famous educational Orrf percussion, as the AC/DC tribute band Jailbreaker lays down some serious 2s and 4s. Something tells me schnitzel will be involved. Mmmm … schnitzel. For more info go here.