Bev Bevan Narrates Tony Iommi Audiobook

Bev Bevan Narrates Tony Iommi Audiobook

If only walls could talk, especially if they could tell us a chapter of Black Sabbath’s juicy story.

Perhaps the next best thing is for the drummer to talk, which former Black Sabbath/Electric Light Orchestra drummer Bev Bevan has done for the audiobook of Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi’s autobiography, Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven & Hell.

“I had a go myself but wasn’t comfortable when I listened back,” Iommi says. “Normally you just get an actor to voice it but I didn’t want someone who didn’t know me or the music business so I asked my old mate Bev Bevan ... as he already has a radio show and lived some of the chapters with me! I’m really pleased how it’s turned out.”

The audiobook narration runs to 11 hours and 31 minutes, and is available for Kindle, iPhone, iPod, Android, and other MP3 players that will store more than 500 songs.

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