Black Widow Drum Web Seeks Everyday Drummer

Black Widow Drum Web Seeks Everyday Drummer


Say hello to the Black Widow Drum Web, a new way to immobilize your drumkit. By using a web of super-gripping Velcro to anchor your set, Bob Hyams' invention is made of lightweight material and can be packed up in seconds, but prevents drums from creeping and crawling while performing.

“The ’Widow’ isn’t just for the rich and famous drummers who play stadiums and arenas all around the world,” Hyams explains. “It’s for local, everyday players like me who set-up and pack-up their own kit and who appreciate how its simple yet advanced design can help make their lives better and easier.”

The Black Widow inventor is now giving other “everyday drummers” the chance to tell their stories on the Black Widow website and social media. In order to participate, Black Widow owners can record and post their testimonial videos on Youtube and then enter the link at The videos will be available for general viewing on Black Widow’s YouTube channel. As an added incentive, Bob will personally select the best submissions for use in Black Widow’s upcoming print and electronic advertising in leading drum publications.

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