The Colourist’ Maya Tuttle Sings And Drums

Maya Tuttle Uses Vater's Heartbeater Sticks

After 7 years of junior and high school marching band, Maya moved from her San Francisco Bay Area roots down to southern California for college. It was there she met fellow musicians Adam Castilla, Kollin Johannsen and Justin Wagner, forming The Colourist, in which both Tuttle and Castilla serve as lead vocalists.

Their full-length album, "The Colourist", was released on March 25, 2014. The Colourist headlined a near-sold out national tour that Spring, ending that run with a performance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on CBS. Maya Tuttle is now using the Vater Heartbeater model.

Fun Fact: On February 21, 2014, Maya was named #4 of “22 Kickass Lady Drummers Who Are The Definition of Cool” by Buzzfeed.