BornBroken Searching For New Drummer

BornBroken Searching For New Drummer


Groove metal band BornBroken has parted ways with longtime drummer Jonathan Menard, and is searching for its next beat-blasting slayer of a drummer.

"It is with a heavy heart today that we announce that BornBroken and long time drummer for the band Jonathan Menard have decided to part ways," the band said in a statement. "Jonathan has been part of BornBroken for the past three years and was a substantial member of the growth of the band. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors and we will remain best of friends with him for years to come."

With that being said, BornBroken is currently holding video submission auditions for a new basher. If you think you have what it takes they want to see it! You can send all video submissions or inquiries to BornBroken facebook page, here. Finalists will be contacted for further auditioning.

"BornBroken is not going anywhere," the band said. "We are not disbanding in anyway. We are currently in the writing process for our next album which will be recorded and released sometime in 2014. Stay tuned 'cause what we have coming up in the near future for The Broken is going to blow your mind...the best is yet to come...see you in the pit."

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