UK Drummer Busted For Lying About Disabilities

British Drummer Busted For Lying About Disabilities


A word to the wise – never forget that Big Brother is watching. Unfortunately for British drummer Alexander Clarkson, no one ever warned him about the big eye in the sky.

After filing for a disability allowance based on his claim that he could walk only with the assistance of crutches, the 63-year-old was subsequently filmed by undercover investigators marching as the lead drummer with City Of Preston Scottish Pipe And Drum Band at a Remembrance Day ceremony in Great Harwood, near Blackburn.

When he was confronted with the evidence, Clarkson claimed that he was mistaken for another bloke who had borrowed his car. In the end, the magistrates would hear nothing of it and jailed the former bricklayer for 56 days, suspended for a year.

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