Broke No More: Zildjian Announces 2-Year Warranty

Zildjian Announces Two-Year Warranty

By Radim McCue Published October 15, 2009

Norwell, MA – October 1, 2009 – There's good news for those who break cymbals. The Avedis Zildjian Company has announced that a new two year warranty is now in effect. This coverage applies to every Zildjian cymbal purchased as of October 1, 2009.

Zildjian CEO Craigie Zildjian commented “We are moving from our old warranty of one year to the new two year policy because quite simply the consistency and quality of our cymbals continues to improve due to our recent capital investment program in the factory as evidenced by a higher quality yield and a lower return rate”.

This change will be implemented thorough Zildjian Dealers and Distributors worldwide effective immediately. Full details of Zildjian’s Warranty may be found at

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