Cactus Moser Has Left Leg Amputated

We have a very sad update about Wynonna Judd’s husband and drummer Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser, who was involved in a motorcycle accident last Saturday. We have learned that Moser had his left leg amputated above the knee and required surgery to a hand as a result of his injuries.

The couple released a statement on thanking “all of the quick medical and police responders as well as the hospital staff and well-wishes from family, friends and fans.”

See our original story below, posted on Sunday.

Drummer Michael Scott “Cactus” Moser was involved in a serious motorcycle accident while riding with his wife, singer Wynonna Judd, before their scheduled concert in Deadwood, South Dakota yesterday. Judd was not involved with the accident.

Moser collided with an oncoming vehicle and was transported to a local hospital where he is being treated for serious but non-life threatening injuries. The couple was married this past June and has postponed their concerts in Canada originally scheduled for next week.


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  • I’m just wondering if Cactus Moser has any plans of continuing to play drums, and continuing to ride a motorcycle?
    Extremely pleased to hear that the injuries were not life threatening and that he’s on the road to recovery, but just concerned for his future.
    All the best to Mr. Moser


    Cal Talbot

  • Hi Cal,

    I’ll try to find out tomorrow and will post a response here.