DrummerFest Draws 1,000+

Cascio Interstate DrummerFest Draws 1,000+

Outlaw Drums

(Left) Bill Bruford at DrummerFest.

The folks at Cascio Interstate Music sure know how to put on a party, judging by the turnout of local drummers and international drumming celebrities that gathered last month at the store’s eleventh annual DrummerFest.

The all-day extravaganza took place on the store’s SoundStage where more than 1,000 drummers got the chance to watch non-stop clinics and performances by some of the biggest names in drumming.

It was a diverse line up, beginning with Bill Bruford reminiscing about his career with such groundbreaking bands as Yes and King Crimson, which is fully chronicled in his book Bill Bruford: The Autobiography. Former Coheed And Cambria drummer Chris Pennie then took the stage to demonstrate his blazing chops in a multitude of styles, and offer valuable career advice.

Aaron Spears (Usher, Alicia Keys) was up next with a powerful presentation of funk, groove, and hip hop styles. And finally, the show closed with Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez, the former drummer with Santana and Michel Camilo, who dazzled the crowd with a series of solo workouts.

Bottom line: If you live in the Midwest and haven’t yet attended DrummerFest, we suggest you start planning for next year’s show!

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