Chad Smith Won’t Tour With Chickenfoot In 2011

Once A Pepper: Chad Smith Won’t Tour With Chickenfoot

By Andy Doerschuk, photo by Robert Downs Published October 18, 2009

Chad Smith won’t tour with Chickenfoot next year. The release of the super group’s sophomore album and subsequent tour will veer too close to the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ next album — the band’s first since 1996’s Stadium Arcardium, which earned seven Grammy awards.

It must have been a tough choice. On the one hand you have Chickenfoot, a band of music legends, with Sammy Hagar on vocals, Joe Satriani on guitar, and Michael Anthony on bass. On the other hand, you have one of the biggest bands in the history of rock. In the end, Smith’s musical DNA is far too invested in the Chili Peppers sound.

“I’d love to play with Chickenfoot and I’m pretty certain I’ll be able to finish the second record,” Smith told “I’m really excited to get deeper into the mussy with those guys. Touring, though? I don’t see how.”

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