Charlie Watts Admits To Heroin Use In the ‘70s

Charlie Watts Admits To Heroin Use In the ’70s

We always thought Charlie Watts was the clean-cut member of The Rolling Stones, but the drummer recently revealed in an interview with the BBC that he struggled with heroin use in the late ’70s.

He realized that he had to kick the habit during the recording of The Stones’ 1978 album Some Girls after an intervention by none other than his bandmate Keith Richards, who himself had a famous heroin addiction through much of the band’s history.

Watts explained, “I was lucky that I never got hooked, but I went through a period of taking heroin. I fell asleep on the floor [during the Some Girls sessions] and Keith woke me up and said, ’You should do this when you’re older.’ Keith telling me this! But it stuck and I just stopped along with everything else.”

Good choice, Charlie.

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