Chart-Topping Drum Fills - From The ‘60s Through Today

Chart-Topping Drum Fills

From The '60s Through Today

Chart-Topping Fills

Dawn Richardson is no stranger to DRUM!'s audience. As the drummer for 4-Non Blondes and later for a host of artists such as Tracy Chapman Dawn has purveyed a stylish, solid rhythm for more than two decades. She also is the author of several earlier books including Kids Rock Drum Method, Beginning Rock Chart poster, and Block Rockin' Beats, which focused on funk, hip-hop, jungle, and drum 'n' bass patterns. Now she's back with Chart Topping Drum Fills, which is as the name says, a good exploration of the best fills from a variety of songs.

The book covers 100 fills in all, from the Beatles to modern artists such as Foo Fighters and Offspring. The book is designed around sequential lessons, so you are not only developing the vocabulary of fills, you're also learning the skills necessary to play each fill, and the ability to call on it when you need it. Altogether, there are 200 coordination exercises in addition to the fills.

Chart Topping Drum Fills includes your choice of an e-book ($11.99) or a printed version ($14.99) plus a compete video course. With the video course companion you can see and hear Dawn play every single fill in the book, while benefitting from her instruction. ChartTopping Drum Fills is available here.

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