Cipher Drummer Danny Bobis’ Body Found

Cipher Drummer Danny Bobis' Body Found

Danny Bobis

Sad news reaches the drumming community with the discovery of Cipher drummer Daniel Bobis' body. The 32-year-old had gone missing after a surfing accident in Indonesia. He had apparently hit another surfer's board after emerging from the barrel of a powerful, 10-foot wave. His leash broke and his board washed to shore. Just a few days later, a local fisherman discovered his body about 20 miles from where he'd last been seen.

Bobis was a math teacher and coach at Long Beach High in New York. He taught karate, was an environmental activist, and started a competitive surf team at the high school.

"He was such a staple in the community," said close friend Sean Pearsall. "There were just so many people whose lives he touched. He did more in 32 years than most people do in 80. He definitely lived his life to the fullest and that's how he was every day."

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