Clinic Lineup For May 13-June 15

Clinic Lineup for May 13-June 15

By Radim McCue Published May 13, 2010 Sorry, North America. John Tempesta's on a big clinic tour, but only in Asia.

It's a hot month for clinics and also for festivals starting this weekend with the annual Chicago Drum Show featuring Bun E. Carlos, Denny Seiwell, Joe Morello, Hannah Ford, Greg Potter, and Danny Seraphine, and continuing next week with the Modern Drummer Festival. Then it gets kicked up another notch the following week with the Cape Breton Drum Festival.

Here's the complete list. [If you don't see your clinic or drum event listed here be sure to send an update to Cookie Williams in our office.]

May: Canada, US

  • May 13th/Thomas Pridgen/Long Island Drum Center/781.607.2472/Plainview/NY
  • May 14th/Glen Sobel/Portman's Music/Butch/912.354.1500/Savannah/GA
  • May 14th/Thomas Pridgen/All Pro Percussion/813.341.3786/Tampa/FL
  • May 15th/Chanquito/KOSA/Aldo/514.482.5554/Montreal/QC
  • May 15th/Walfredo Reyes Sr/KOSA/Aldo/514-482-5554/Montreal/QC
  • May 15th/Thomas Pridgen/Mozingo Music/781.607.2472/O'Fallon/MO
  • May 15th & 16th/Joe Morello, Gregg Potter, Danny Seraphine, Bun E. Carlos, Denny Seiwell, Hannah Ford/Chicago Drum Show - Kane County Fairgrounds/Rob/989.453.4747/St. Charles/IL
  • May 16th/Thomas Pridgen/Explorer's Percussion/781.607.2472/Kansas City/MO
  • May 16th/Teddy Campbell, Jason Bittner, Chris Coleman, Johnny Rabb/Drum Daze 2010 - Columbus Pro Percussion/Columbus/OH
  • May 17th/James Leslie/Univ of Dayton/Linda/937.271.6236/Dayton/OH
  • May 17th/Thomas Pridgen/Midwest Drum & Percussion/781.607.2472/Wichita/KS
  • May 18th/Chet Doboe/Hip Pickles/Sam Ash/914.949.8448/White Plains/NY
  • May 18th/Thomas Pridgen/Jeff Ryder's Drum Shop/781.607.2472/San Antonio/TX
  • May 19th/Thomas Pridgen/Thomas Pridgen Clinic - Toad Tavern/ Rupp's Drums/303.756.5777/Littleton/CO
  • May 20th/Vinny Appice/Sam Ash/T J Milian/310.850.1155/Hollywood/CA
  • May 20th/Thomas Pridgen/Skip's Music/781.607.2472/Sacramento/CA
  • May 20th-23rd/Allan Molnar/Jazz Education Network/St. Louis/MI
  • May 21st/Vinny Appice/Guitar Center/Aaron/661.396.3838/Bakersfield/CA
  • May 21st & 22nd/Zoro, Matt Murphy, Kirk Rustman/The Meadows School - Las Vegas Drum Camp/Jenny/702.254.1610/Las Vegas/NV
  • May 22nd/Chris Pennie, Shawn Pelton, Stanton Moore, Adam Deitch, Shannon Forrest, Benny Greb, Daniel Glass, Chris Coleman/Modern Drummer Festival - Montclair State Univ/Montclair/NJ
  • May 22nd/Aaron Spears/Washington Music Center/301.946.8808/Wheaton/MD
  • May 22nd/Vinny Appice - face to face/Bentleys Drum Shop/Dana/559.222.5011/Fresno/CA
  • May 22nd & 23rd/Dom Famularo, Liberty DeVitto, Bernard Purdie, Jerry Mercer, Chris Sutherland, Carmine Appice, Bill Cobham, Michael Shrieve, Scott Atkins, Paul Wertico, Denny Seiwell, Chad Wackerman, Danny Seraphine/Cape Breton International Drum Festival/Bruce/902.727.2337/Sydney/NS
  • May 26th-27th/Daniel Moore/Warsaw High School Perc Ensemble/Mickey/574.371.5037/Warsaw/IN
  • May 27th/Walfredo Reyes Jr/Ken Stanton Music/Kevin/678.672.6742/Stone Mountain/GA
  • May 31st/Daniel Adair - face to face/Axe Music Inc./780.471.2001/Edmonton/AB


  • Jun 1st/Daniel Adair - face to face/Axe Music Megastore/403.243.5200/Calgary/AB
  • Jun 1st/Les Cleveland/Musical Innovations/Tracy/864.286.8742/Greenville/SC
  • Jun 5th/Greg Giannascoli/NJ Day of Perc/Robert/908.305.3391/Edison/NJ
  • Jun 5th/Bobby Sanabria/Robbie Mac's Drum Studio/Robert/908.305.3391/Kenilworth/NJ
  • Jun 6th/Rich Redmond/Indoor Storm/Barry/877.319.8473/Raleigh/NC
  • Jun 7th/Sam Ruttenberg/Alto Music/Donald/845.692.6922/Middletown /NY
  • Jun 7th-10th/Scott Brown/North Georga Perc - Lassiter H S/Scott/404.641.2357/Marietta/GA
  • Jun 7th-11th/Jim Atwood, Tom Freer/Duff Timpani Masterclass- UMKC Conservatory of Music and Dance/Kansas/MO
  • Jun 12th/Mike Portnoy - face to face/Sam Ash/San Antonio/TX
  • Jun 13th-26th/Vicki Peterson Jenks/International Music Camp/Timothy/701.838.8472/Dunseith/ND
  • Jun 14th-18th/Diane Downs/We Got the Beat Music Camp/Brenda/559.930.1784/Fresno/CA


  • May 15th/Camilo Torres Venegas/Cordoba Drum Fest/Argentina
  • May 20th/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - ESP Musical Academy/Tokyo/Japan
  • May 221st/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - ESP Entertainment/Osaka/Japan
  • May 23rd/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - Shanghai Best Friend Music/Shanghai/China
  • May 24th/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - Harbin Youth Center/Harbin/China
  • May 25th/Dom Famularo, Jojo Mayer/Casa Veerkamp /Puebla/Mexico
  • May 26th/John Tempesta/Tom Lee Academy Hall/Hong Kong/China
  • May 27th/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour/Taipei/Taiwan
  • May 28th/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour/Manila/Philippines
  • May 30th/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - The Bentley Music Auditorium/Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia
  • May 31st/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - AUA Center Auditorium/Bangkok/Thailand


  • Jun 1st/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - Young Musicians' Society/Singapore/Singapore
  • Jun 3rd/John Tempesta/Asia Clinic Tour - NSE Complex/Mumbai/India
  • Jun 22nd/Shiela E./A Dizzy Night With Sheila E./Milan/Italy
  • Jun 22nd-26th/Vera Figueiredo/Patagonia Perc Festival/Rio Negro/Argentina
  • Jun 26th/Thomas Lang/Meinl Cymbal Factory/Gutenstetten/Germany
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