Clufetos Moves To Meinl

Tommy Clufetos Switches To Meinl Cymbals

By Andy Doerschuk Published September 21, 2009

After bashing behind such legendary rockers as machine-gun guitarist Ted Nugent, fright-rocker Alice Cooper, and horror maestro Rob Zombie, Tommy Cufetos knows how to pump extra power into any mix. His quest for intense new sounds has recently sent him to Meinl where he has found what he's looking for. “To play rock and roll at its optimal animalistic outrage levels, I need the ultimate instruments to do so. Meinl helps me complete my sound. I want to sound my best. That's why I play the best.” Let the crashing begin.

Meinl Cymbals Artist Relations Manager for the USA and Canada, Chris Brewer, had this to say about Tommy..."I've known about Tommy for quite some time and have always respected and admired what he brings to the world of drumming. There's not many real rock and roll drummers out there anymore, and Tommy is the Real Thing. After seeing Tommy bring the house down at the 2008 Montreal Drum Festival, I knew that the way he approaches drumming as well as his entire vibe would be a perfect fit for Meinl Cymbals, and that our cymbal sounds would be a perfect fit for him as an artist. A drummer like Tommy, where there's not many others like him, needs to play cymbals that have their own unique voice, rather than cymbals that don't really stand out from the crowd....With Meinl, he now has the instruments he needs to do so. He couldn't be happier about it and neither could we."

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