Clyde Stubblefield Out Of Hospital

David Stanoch, the great Minnesota drummer, author and professor at McNally-Smith College of Music, reports that his old friend Clyde Stubblefield is out of the hospital. In David's words, " Clyde called me yesterday & he sounds great. He was discharged on Sunday. He couldn't wait to get out of the hospital he hates them & didn't want to miss his Monday night gig. Stubborn S.O.B! He says the dialysis he's now on isn't too bad other than it makes him feel terribly cold. The search is on for a compatible donor and there are already volunteers getting checked for compatibility."

Friends of Clyde, including Johnny Rabb, have floated the idea of organizing a drumming benefit in Madison, WI with the proceeds going to assist Clyde. DRUM! will update you with news as it's available.

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