Cobham, Lang & Conte Launch Online Drum Schools

Cobham, Lang & Conte Launch Online Drum Schools

Drummers now have even more options to learn directly from the pros. Napa California-based music education company ArtistWorks has announced the upcoming launch of three online drumming schools featuring three of the biggest names in the biz – Billy Cobham, Thomas Lang, and Luis Conte – who will utilize ArtistWorks’ patent-pending video technology that allows for two-way video exchange and interactive instruction. The system integrates high-resolution video, social media tools, and the Internet’s interactive capabilities to create a robust learning environment.

Each drummer will present his full method in a series of high-quality video lessons. Subscribing students work through the lessons and use simple web cams to submit videos to their teacher for critique and guidance. The teachers then review and respond to student videos on their own time. Both student video and teacher response are paired together online as a “video exchange” for the entire community to learn from.

The Thomas Lang Drum School ( and the Billy Cobham School Of Drums ( will debut December 8 and both are open to drummers at all levels of proficiency. The Luis Conte Percussion School ( will be added in January of 2012. Student membership plans are available at $90 for three months, $150 for six months, and $240 for a 12-month subscription.

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