CDC Finds Link Between Hand Drums & Anthrax Minimal

By Andy Doerschuk Published July 23, 2010

The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention issued a report related to an incident last December of a woman who contracted gastrointestinal anthrax after participating in a drum circle in New Hampshire. Despite the fact that the woman was hospitalized for nearly two months after picking up the disease from the animal-hide head of the hand drum she played at the event, the CDC ruled that such a risk is very low and that the woman had an unusual susceptibility to the disease. Investigators identified 84 other people who had potentially been exposed to anthrax at the drumming event, and none were infected. The organization said the case is the first gastrointestinal anthrax illness linked to the use of animal hide drums. A few cases of inhalation and cutaneous anthrax have occurred in U.S. drum makers in recent years.