Crescent Cymbals Makes It Debut

Crescent Cymbals

You can look forward to an entirely new cymbal brand that will soon grace racks at your local drum shop. The interesting twist is that CymbalMasters, the people behind the new Crescent Cymbals brand, are hardly new faces. In fact, it’s the same team that formerly made up the U.S. distribution arm for Bosphorus brand – Stanton Moore, Jeff Hamilton, Bill Norman, and Michael Vosbein.

“When we formed the original company we were determined to bring the highest quality sound to discerning musicians everywhere, but we soon found that our supply could not keep up with our demand,” says Vosbein, President and CEO of CymbalMasters. “All of us (CymbalMasters) are professional drummers so we like to be very hands on with design and development. Now we can create demand and keep up with it. 
I know that Crescent will be the tone that others are judged by.”