“Cymbal-Up” With Sabian

"Cymbal-Up" With Sabian


Got old cymbals? Sabian will let you trade them in during their "Cymbal-Up" event to receive 20% off of some new ones until August 31st.

How? It’s super simple! Bring in your old cymbals to any participating US Retailer — from any brand, in any size, in any condition — and get 20% off a new Sabian cymbal — in any series, any size. You can trade as many of your old cymbals as you like — but 20% is the maximum discount you can apply to a single cymbal. So if you bring in three old cymbals, you can get 20% off each of three brand new cymbals. Any additional trade-in value will be determined by the dealer.

For more info, visit the Sabian site, here.

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