Dandy Warhols’ Drummer First Solo Album

Dandy Warhols’ Drummer Releases First Solo Album

Keep your eyes peeled for a new release titled The Farmer, the first solo effort from Brent DeBoer, drummer from the Dandy Warhols. Written and recorded on his four-track eight years ago, these songs have recently been brought to life due to the encouragement of his friend and producer, Brian Coates (The Great Northwest/The Dandy Warhols). The Farmer is an intricately delicate EP with DeBoer singing songs of love and loss and Coates adding a subtly psychedelic production.

In 1990, DeBoer’s father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. To bring awareness to MS, DeBoer has become an ambassador for the cause and will donate a portion of the proceeds from The Farmer to the MS Society. He is working with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the MS Oregon Chapter, to promote the charity and this EP. The promotion will include press releases, as well as radio, and live performances at MS Events.

To hear a track from The Farmer, go here.

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