Dangerous Illusions

Murder, Theft, Betrayal... And Drums

Former U.S. Diplomat Murdered, Four Iconic Oyster Black Pearl Ludwigs Missing

Ringo Starr

New York, NY—In a daring heist that has baffled the New York Police Department, a former U.S. diplomat was murdered and an iconic musical instrument was stolen from a Park Avenue party on Saturday night. No witnesses were found among the 70 guests attending the gathering.

The stolen object, a Ludwig oyster black pearl Downbeat made famous in February 1964 during its debut appearance with The Beatles, is believed to be the key to solving the crime. A number of Avedis Zildjian cymbals played during this historic performance were also stolen, as were a number of rare cymbals from the Zildjian family vault, some of them dating back to 17th-century Constantinople.

The foregoing is the plot of a new novel, Dangerous Illusions, by novelist (and drummer) Joseph J. Gabriele. It’s a book in which the stolen drums have a major role, and Gabriele uses that gambit to teach a bit of drumming history along the way.

Gabriele spent seven years researching and writing the book, including background interviews with drum collectors and experts such as William Ludwig II. It will be of interest to literary crime fiction fans, but also those with an interest in drumming, vintage drums, jazz history and more. The theft on which the novel turns occurs at the home of an economic historian who just happens to also be a Percussive Arts Society member, and writer, who is completing a history of percussion. The investigation of the theft takes readers on a weeklong polyrhythmic journey through New York, stopping now and then to celebrate classic instruments and the companies that made them.

Dangeorus Illusions

It’s coming out in hardcover on February 9, 2014—50 years to the day after the Fab Four debuted in America on the Ed Sullivan Show, along with the famous drum set. But readers who want to know whether the NYPD could find the famous drums, or solve the murder, can order an e-edition now.

Available now as an ebook at Amazon, iBooks, and wherever digital editions are sold.

Ebook Price: $9.95
Release Date: December 2, 2013

Hardcover Price: $24.95
Release Date: February 9, 2014

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