Daniel Glass Reaches Out For Help

Daniel Glass Reaches Out For Help

Daniel Glass

(Left) Daniel Glass with studio drumming legend Earl Palmer

Our longtime columnist and old friend Daniel Glass needs your help. The veteran drummer with Royal Crown Revue and Brian Setzer has been working on a DVD called The Century Project, which will take the viewer on a 100-year musical journey from 1865 (end of the Civil War) to 1965 (the arrival of the Beatles to America’s shores). The idea is to show just how pivotal the drum set has been in the evolution of America and our culture as a whole.

But thanks to the struggling economy, his funding sources have dried up, which has led Glass to turn to more unconventional means by reaching out to the drumming community to help him bring The Century Project to life. He has set up an account with an innovative crowd-funding platform called Kickstarter, which utilizes “incentives,” sort of like a PBS pledge drive.

Glass is already halfway to his goal of $12,000, however Kickstarter works in such a way that if he doesn’t reach his full goal by the November 22 target date the project doesn’t fund and everyone gets their money back. Easily half of all the drumming legends Glass has interviewed have passed away, and the chances that their stories and musical contributions will be lost forever are becoming more of a reality with each passing day.

Kickstarter will accept donation as small as $1. Click here to donate today.

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