Dave Holland Written Out Of Judas Priest Legacy?

Is Judas Priest trying to write longtime drummer Dave Holland — who played with the British metal band from 1979–1988 — out of the group’s biography? In the liner notes for the 30th anniversary edition of the classic 1980 album British Steel, current drummer Scott Travis receives credit for playing both on the original recording as well as the more recently tracked bonus live disc included in the set. Holland receives no credit on the re-release and is downplayed in the album jacket’s photography, which favors the current lineup.

However, Travis joined the band in 1989 — nine years after Steel was released. At that point Holland was a full bandmember, and received credit on the album, which was the band’s second American platinum-selling release.

Some have speculated that the prototypical metal outfit wants to sever ties with Holland, who was convicted for a 2004 conviction of sexually assaulting a mentally handicapped teenage drum student. Holland has maintained his innocence ever since, but continues to serve jail time. He is scheduled for release in 2012.