Disarm: Repurposing Guns Into Drums

Disarm: Artist Repurposes Guns Into Drums

Artist Pedro Reyes makes a bold statement with his latest project, "Disarm," in which he repurposes guns into musical instruments, programmed to play tunes on their own. The Mexico City native is all too familiar with the violence and heartbreak that these weapons have caused in his home country. He wanted to reject the gun's original purpose and instead use it to "enhance lives through musical creativity."

Reyes has been working with musicians and Cocolab, a media studio in Mexico City, to create pre-programmed compositions that the instruments self-play. The pianos, drums, and guitars are all remnants of weapons that the Mexican army had collected and destroyed. "It is... The redemption of this metal," Reyes says, "that could have taken your life or mine. So, they are better as musical instruments."

"Disarm" follows his previous project “Shovels for Guns” which turned the raw materials in seized weapons into an equal number of shovels... something far more useful. Find out more about "Disarm" below:

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