John Otto Kicked Out Of Limp Bizkit

DJ Lethal & John Otto Kicked Out Of Limp Bizkit

John Otto

Maybe it was “all for the nookie,” or maybe it was for more substantial reasons –the big changes going down in Limp Bizkit, that is. Frontman Fred Durst has a new vision for the group and has decided to do away with DJ Lethal and drummer John Otto.

DJ Lethal made a statement about leaving the group saying, “From what I understand, Fred doesn’t approve of our lifestyle which includes partying and fun. I don’t want to cause drama, it’s unfair. I’ve tried to reach out and make things better. But Fred seems to have made up his mind. Bands fight and argue all the time. Just don’t get it.”

That reasoning seems a bit silly seeing as Limp Bizkit has songs with titles like, "Douchebag" and "Break Stuff." But, maybe Durst has just decided it's about time for the band to grow up a bit.

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