Doctors Find Hand Drumming Harmful

Doctors Find Hand Drumming Harmful To Your Health

By Andy Doerschuk Published August 19, 2010

Is hand drumming harmful to your health? It just might be, according to a pair of rheumatologists at the University Of Pennsylvania. Drs. Naoto Yokogawa and H. Ralph Schumacher, Jr. published a report in the August issue of JCR: Journal Of Clinical Rheumatology concerning a 70-year-old drummer who had a painless mass growing on his left wrist. Upon further investigation, they discovered a wrist deformity called scapholunate advanced collapse, in which certain bones in the wrist joint had collapsed. An MRI revealed that the mass was caused by tenosynovitis — inflammation of the tissues surrounding the wrist tendons. The doctors believe that repeated “mircotrauma” — i.e. drumming — caused damage to the wrist ligaments over time.

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