Donations Needed For Clyde Stubblefield

Donations Urgently Needed For Clyde Stubblefield

By Andy Doerschuk Published November 3, 2010

It really is time to give the drummer some. In July 2009, funk drumming legend Clyde Stubblefield — whose sampled beats from his innovative recordings with James Brown have shaped the sound of hip-hop and drum ’n’ bass music — suffered kidney failure and began weekly dialysis treatment. In July 2010, a coalition of Stubblefield's supporters, from across the full spectrum of the music industry, joined to spread word of a new safe and simple avenue created for donating financial support directly to Stubblefield, who at the age of 67 continues to perform while dealing with the stress of regular kidney dialysis treatments.

“Give The Drummer Some!” is a donation campaign created by The Coalition For Clyde Stubblefield, an organization founded by drummers Stanton Moore, Johnny Rabb, and David Stanoch for the purpose of helping Stubblefield find financial relief through this process. A website at, a service tailored expressly for this purpose, has been established to collect donations which are funneled directly to him safely and securely through PayPal. For more information and to make a donation go here.

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