A Storm Of Light Seeks A New Drummer

Doom Metallurgists A Storm Of Light Seek A New Drummer

In these troubled times, it’s nice to be able to deliver some good news that might help a drummer in need. After touring with a succession of incredible drummers — including Vinny Signorelli, Jason Roeder, and Pete Angevine — New York-based sludge metal doomsters A Storm Of Light has put out feelers to find a permanent member to fill the drumming throne.

According to the announcement from A Storm Of Light’s management released this morning, “While this band is built around revolving members both in touring and recording, we've decided that a central three-piece will make us sonically/rhythmically stronger.”

Led by guitarist/vocalist Josh Graham (formerly of Battle Of Mice, Blood And Time, and Neurosis), A Storm Of Light released its first full-length CD, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, on Neurot last year and has toured practically nonstop ever since. The band is scheduled to reenter the studio in early fall to record a follow-up album, and then will jet over the pond to deafen Europeans from September 28–November 1. They want their new drummer in place prior to all this exciting activity.

Interested parties can contact ASOL by emailing links to your drumming/musical projects to storm@astormof light.com. Best of luck!

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