Drum Community Raises $20,000 For Stauffers

Drum Community Raises $20,000 For Stauffers

dennis stauffer

The Love Your Drums tribute and fundraiser for the family of Dennis Stauffer of Phattie Drums and Stauffer Percussion raised nearly $20,000 for the Stauffer family. With the help of Ghostnote Drumbuilders’ Collective, the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund and the organizers of the Chicago Drum Show, more than 500 people made donations totaling $19,250 in person and online between March 20 and May 20.

Stauffer, who was founder of Stauffer Percussion and Phattie Drums, was killed in an automobile crash in Fairview, N.C. in mid-January. Both Stauffer’s wife Brittney and son Roan, as well as his father, Dean Stauffer, attended the show and assisted during the giveaway.

The giveaway and drawing featured nearly 40 snare drums and three full drumkits, donated by industry sources including many custom drum builders who knew Stauffer through the Ghostnote.net online community of custom drumbuilders.

“The Drum Show and fundraiser were truly inspirational. Dennis was a true pioneer and very well liked within the custom drum-building community. I think we all celebrated a bit of his friendship and humor at the Drum Show. The amazing array of items donated looked great on display and showed the impact Dennis made on us. And, most importantly, it helped generate nearly $20,000 for his family,” said Jim Feck, owner and founder of DrumART.com.

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