Drum Dealers Go Behind The Scenes At Ludwig

Drum Dealers Go Behind The Scenes At Ludwig

By Andy DoerschukPublished on July 15, 2010

Go anywhere in the world and ask a random person to name a drum company. The likelihood is great that they’ll say “Ludwig.” It’s the type of brand name every company wants — one that is instantly recognized and suggests stability and leadership. The good folks at Ludwig intend to keep it that way, which is why they recently hosted the Ludwig Dealer’s Summit at its bustling manufacturing facility in Monroe, North Carolina.

It was a busy day for representatives from nine key independent dealers, who got a first-hand look at what it takes to make Ludwig drums and timpani while brainstorming market changes that are occurring throughout the business, identifying customer needs, and allowing Ludwig the opportunity to demonstrate how it remains focused on things that are relevant to today’s drummers.

Pictured in the photo are Kevin Packard (Ludwig Marketing), Grant Henry (Ludwig/Musser General Manager), Dana Bentley (Bentley’s Drum), Gary Devore (Ludwig Marketing), Clay Reed (Rainbow Guitars), Joel Luce (Ludwig Manufacturing), Shane Kinney (Drum Center, Portsmouth), John Stoner (CEO, Conn-Selmer), Jim Catalano (Ludwig Marketing), Kelly Turner (Ludwig Manufacturing), Gary Forkum (Fork’s Drum Closet), Jim Kinsey (Ludwig Plant Manager), Victor Salazar (The Drum Pad), Bob Henry (Ludwig Sales), Judy Schuchart (CFO, Conn-Selmer), Shane Fowlkes (Just Drums), Bob Anderson (COO, Conn-Selmer,) Todd Trent (Ontario Music), Jim Uding (Drum Headquarters), Steve Cotton (Ludwig Manufacturing), Wes Faulconer (Explorer’s Percussion), and Glenn Strawn (Ludwig Manufacturing).

Sounds like fun. Kind of makes you want to open a drum shop, doesn’t it?

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