Drum Nerds Invade Illinois

The 13th Annual Chicago Drum Show

Now in its 19th year, The Chicago Drum Show has become the preeminent vintage and custom drum expo in the United States. Held on May 16–17 at the Kane Country Fairgrounds in St. Charles, Illinois, this year’s bash attracted more than 1,350 drum-hungry fanatics. When not ogling luscious gear displayed by the record-breaking 86 exhibitors, attendees checked out clinics by Zoro, Will Calhoun, Donny Osbourne, Bermuda Schwartz, and Danny Serephine, as well as two special evening events: a screening of Ludwig's new Anniversary DVD and an appearance by Fluke Holland, Johnny Cash's longtime drummer, who answered questions and played some of the hits from his glory days. "In many ways, the 2009 show was a dress rehearsal for the big 20th show coming up in 2010," says event coordinator Rob Cook. Ahh, drum nerds — we love 'em.

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